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IntelePeer Solidifies its Position as a Leading AI-powered Communications Automation Provider

Introduction of IntelePeer.ai and Company’s AI Hub reflects Company’s advances in AI

IntelePeer, a leading provider of AI-powered communications automation solutions, introduces its new website: IntelePeer.ai created to align with its strengthened commitment to leading the communications automation market with best-in-class generative AI solutions. Additionally, the Company introduces its new AI Hub for facilitating the secure integration of AI technologies and customer data into its suite of Smart products to enhance customer interaction automation and workflow capabilities exponentially.

“This evolution reinforces our strategic direction as AI being foundational to all our products and solutions moving forward,” said IntelePeer CEO, Frank Fawzi. “The contact center of the future will be radically different as businesses look to decrease their cost of labor by incorporating more AI-powered solutions into their customer service environments. We have witnessed firsthand the benefits of integrating AI into existing corporate systems, and by transitioning to IntelePeer.ai and introducing the IntelePeer AI Hub, we situate ourselves as the ideal partner to help our customers execute their AI vision.”

The AI Hub is a one-stop-shop for IntelePeer’s team of engineers, CX experts, and partners, allowing them to quickly ingest customer data, test and deploy AI-driven communications automation solutions for the Company’s customers. AI Hub users helps the rapid building and deployment of bots to handle both inbound and outbound communications, fulfilling specific business needs. Key features include:

  • Omnichannel bot building and testing functionality
  • Secure and private customer data and information ingesting capabilities
  • AI modeling and testing environment
  • Embedded third-party AI platforms, including Azure’s OpenAI,
  • Integration with IntelePeer SmartFlows, a low-code platform for building communications and AI workflows
  • Security and compliance frameworks, and
  • Performance monitoring capabilities.

“The AI Hub acts as a catalyst for the innovation of more advanced and efficient communications automation solutions and deployments by harnessing the power of AI technologies to optimize processes, enhance customer experience and drive business growth for our customers while lowering the cost of doing business,” continued Fawzi.

“We are living through a once-in-a-lifetime moment in history driven by AI, and the team at IntelePeer is excited to be at the forefront of this revolution,” concluded Fawzi.