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Insights from Experts: Exploring Data Science and ML for Real-World Applications

In the evolving landscape of AI, Data science and ML are gaining more traction for creating business strategies. As technology evolves, it is crucial to understand the real-world applications of data science and ML. Hence, it would be easier to process and share the knowledge with the world.

In the following panel discussion by Nvidia, experts from the industry discussed how aspiring professionals can use data science and machine learning initiatives.

Here are the key takeaways from the event: 

  • In terms of landscape, Generative AI and LLM models are widely used. The AI applications are adapted and used mainly to cater to customers. The idea is to use AI to help the general public at large. There have been exciting opportunities in the form of collaborations between academia and companies to gain and share knowledge about ML and Data Science.
  • To understand the rapidly developing technology, businesses have provided an optimized environment with time, space, and capital to conduct and study research projects.
  • Along with opportunities, some challenges need to be addressed. Scalability, updating the existing tech stack with AI models, and aligning the ethical standards with AI practices are some challenges businesses need help with.
  • To maintain relevancy in AI skills and knowledge, experts have mentioned that working on AI concepts regularly can help you stay updated about the industry.
  • Reading blogs, articles, and research papers and interacting with other experts through seminars and events can help you gain relevant AI skills and knowledge.