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Hocoos Enhances Its AI Website Builder with New DALL-E-Powered Image Completion Tool

Hocoos, the innovative AI Website Builder, is proud to announce its latest feature, AI Image Completion. Designed to benefit small business owners, startups, and solopreneurs, this revolutionary tool is a unique collaboration between OpenAI’s DALL-E technology and Hocoos’ AI pipelines.

Transformative Impact on Small Businesses

Addressing common challenges such as limited time, budget constraints, and lack of specialized skills, Hocoos’s AI Website Builder includes our innovative Image Completion tool, allowing you to quickly transform partial or incomplete images. Edit existing visuals by adding and removing elements or expanding them seamlessly beyond their original boundary.

The DALL-E Difference

The Hocoos AI Website Builder has integrated our new Image Completion tool with OpenAI’s DALL-E – a state-of-the-art image generation – to offer unmatched image quality and creative versatility. With this unique collaboration, you can create a website with amazing images in moments.

Cost-Efficiency Meets Innovation

With Hocoos AI Website Builder, there’s no need to worry about the cost, time, and complication of editing images or designing graphics, as our Image Completion tool automates these tasks. Whether you take photos with a professional camera or a smartphone, Hocoos AI tech can turn them into high-quality, attractive visuals for your website.

A Versatile, All-In-One Visual Solution

The Hocoos AI Website Builder Image Completion Tool is supported by an exciting range of additional visual features that further simplify and enrich the website design process. Now, you can upload website-quality images directly from your mobile device—a nod to the immediacy of modern business demands.