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HiredScore Selected for the Exclusive Workday AI Marketplace to Bring Safe, Compliant & Ethical AI to Customers

The acceleration of your AI-enabled HR transformation journey starts now.

Workday announced a first of its kind AI marketplace featuring a curated group of trusted AI applications from select Workday partners – including HiredScore.

HiredScore brings over a decade of building and deploying ethical and trustworthy AI to the largest, most complex organizations in the world, and the addition to the Workday AI Marketplace facilitates the ability for Workday customers to more readily realize impact and value from HiredScore.

The Workday AI Marketplace is a curated online marketplace of proven, trustworthy, responsible AI and ML apps within the Workday ecosystem. It brings together the best of Workday AI and solutions from third-party partners, like HiredScore, together in one place. It is now easier than ever for companies to find trustworthy AI solutions that have been thoroughly vetted to meet Workday’s AI standards and values, while also complementing the Workday platform to deliver greater value to the customer.

“HiredScore being part of Workday’s AI Marketplace validates our relentless commitment to providing best-in-class ethical and trustworthy AI. Our AI can now more efficiently and effectively deliver iconic outcomes and unprecedented value for our customers and their employees. We are excited to help lead this new era of AI-enabled HR transformation.” – Athena Karp, Founder & CEO – HiredScore

“We are incredibly excited to introduce the Workday AI Marketplace as a centralized place where Workday customers can find cutting edge AI and ML apps that they know they can trust,” said Sayan Chakraborty, co-President, Workday. “Our early adopter partners are building some of the most innovative solutions on the market today – and they’re doing it in a way that is aligned with Workday’s Responsible AI principles. Together with these partners, and many more partners to come, we’re making it easy for our joint customers to future-proof their businesses.”