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Grammarly Deepens Quality AI Writing Support Everywhere with Generative AI Features on Mobile

Grammarly puts the power of AI writing support in the palm of your hand with rewrite capabilities launching today on iOS and coming soon to Android

Grammarly, the company helping over 30 million people and 70,000 teams work smarter and faster wherever they write, today launched a generative AI-powered rewrite feature that enables more compelling communication, bringing the benefits of the latest AI technology to on-the-go writing. This feature is now available on iOS and will be generally available on Android in early 2024.

Grammarly studies found that 50% of professionals text for work daily while 80% do so at least once a week; meanwhile, 40% spend at least half their time working away from a computer. With so much written communication happening on mobile, Grammarly is committed to providing the best possible writing experience wherever people work.

“With more people working from their phones, there’s a major need for quality AI writing support everywhere we communicate,” said Tal Oppenheimer, Head of Product, Client Apps. “Mobile rewrites are just the latest way that Grammarly delivers on our promise to use AI to solve real customer problems. We’re aiming to ensure professionals feel confident they can do quality work from anywhere.”

Grammarly’s new generative AI-powered mobile features help people quickly rewrite text in their favorite applications, empowering professionals to do their best writing even from their phones. To activate Grammarly’s AI writing support on the go, simply highlight the message and use built-in prompts to “make it persuasive,” “rewrite for a general audience,” “paraphrase it,” “sound fluent,” and more.

As the leader in writing assistance for 14 years, Grammarly is committed to using the latest technologies—including generative AI—to advance its support on mobile. In addition to new generative AI-powered rewrites, mobile customers can take advantage of Grammarly’s tone detector and classic writing suggestions to communicate at their best. As Grammarly looks to expand its mobile support even further, the focus will remain on finding solutions for everyday mobile writing issues, like quickly and efficiently responding to emails while on the go. For instance, a new feature that will summarize and provide contextually relevant response options to emails will come to all Grammarly for Android users in Q1 2024, so professionals can tackle their inboxes from wherever they’re working.