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GoDaddy Making Writer’s Block a Thing of the Past with AI and Improved Website Builder

With its new generative AI-powered tool, GoDaddy  just busted the myth that small business owners need to spend hours writing content for their website. This is available for new and existing Website Builder customers.

Any small business owner will tell you they’re time poor. In fact, 46% of U.S. entrepreneurs recently surveyed by GoDaddy are excited that AI will save them time. For small business owners, knowing what to write about and how to write it can be a time-consuming problem.

Now customers using a new AI integration in GoDaddy’s Website Builder can:

  • Answer a few questions with conversational language and have a website built with relevant imagery and content
  • Get content suggestions for our most popular pages and sections like About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, Reviews, Reservations, and more
  • Update existing pages more frequently without having to devote significant time to writing original content
  • Match the color palette of their website to their logo automatically

“We know that not every small business owner is an experienced marketer, and many struggle writing content for their website,” said GoDaddy Vice President of Product, Websites + Marketing, Geoff Clawson. “With AI-powered website tools, entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about getting off the starting block. Instead, they can start with text that’s auto-generated for them.”

Using these features gives customers recommended text to get their site online. Small business remain in complete control of their website. They can edit any of the content created for them. This way, customers can ensure the information is accurate, unbiased and speaks directly to their customer.

GoDaddy’s April survey of U.S. small business owners on their attitudes toward AI found their most-desired use of the technology was for content creation. Roughly two-thirds (64%) want to use generative AI to get marketing help, while 61% would leverage it for content creation.

“There are endless possible applications of this exciting, emerging technology,” Clawson said. “GoDaddy will be there every step of the way to continue integrating AI into products that help entrepreneurs thrive.”