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Gigster Launches AI Teams On-Demand to Deliver Generative AI Solutions 6X Faster than Hiring In-House

Gigster gives businesses immediate access to pre-built AI engineering teams without sacrificing quality and has already deployed thousands of AI projects with Fortune 500 companies.

Gigster, a full-service software development company that provides highly-tuned engineering teams to deliver fast results, is launching its new AI Teams On-Demand. The company’s latest offering provides prebuilt, vetted, and experienced AI software engineering teams, turnkey. It is an ideal option for customers who need to get started in as little as 48 hours, need AI innovation to achieve their go-to-market goals, and want more flexibility and control over a project’s workflow, timeline and budget. AI Teams On-Demand is for customers who need to tap into AI experts quickly, are looking to supplement their existing AI pilots and MVPs, or want help to create their AI strategy.

“Gigster recognized the undeniable revolutionary impact of AI on our generation,” said Andy Tryba, CEO of Gigster. “Companies of all sizes have been requesting our AI team to accelerate their roadmap, so we’ve productized our AI offerings to enable one-click, flexible teams that can spin up within 48 hours to dive in to help both non-technical and technical teams.”

A Fortune 500 company recently leveraged Gigster’s AI Teams On-Demand to expand their LLM (large language model) pilot, integrate generative image functionality, and get access to AI experts for future roadmap planning. Within 24 hours, Gigster assembled a specialized team of AI experts, maximizing the company’s efficiency and time-to-market by eliminating weeks of onboarding and development time. The customer realized an exceptional go-to-market acceleration through the strategic staff augmentation of AI Teams On-Demand.