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GetGenius Introduces the World’s First Generative AI Tool for Social Media Marketing

GetGenius has launched getgenius.ai, the world’s first AI-driven social media marketing platform that takes content creation, scheduling, and monitoring to the next level. GetGenius empowers businesses and creators with a groundbreaking solution to optimize their digital marketing strategies and reach wider audiences by automating creating, scheduling, and publishing of highly targeted and personalized content across all major social media platforms. GetGenius will dramatically increase users’ visibility and ranking, turning leads into tangible business.

The GetGenius tool opens the door to all user groups with limited time or Social Media Marketing experience, helping to automate the entire process. On average, a US-based business spends 24 hours and approximately US$ 6,000 monthly on Social Media Marketing activities. GetGenius will reduce costs by +80% and triple productivity, giving the business owner more time to focus on their business and increasing ROI.

“We are introducing a new era of digital marketing, where businesses and content creators can take advantage of the power of AI technology to streamline their content creation process and connect with their audience more meaningfully,” says President & Founder Thomas Limberger. “Our AI-powered social media tool is designed to help businesses skyrocket their content creation skills and save time and money.”

“The GetGenius algorithm is absolutely unique. We created an AI that is not only an intelligent automation tool – for companies and content creators GetGenius optimize digital marketing strategies and processes independently and create organic growth and additional reach,” says Marco Rolof, CTO & Founder.