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EPAM Announces Strategic Global Partnership with Google Cloud to Help Enterprises Modernize and Transform with the Power of AI

Enhanced partnership will fast-track the development of AI/ML and data solutions to help customers accelerate their transformations into AI-enabled businesses

EPAM Systems, a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, today announced a strategic, global partnership with Google Cloud to develop and deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI)-first Google Cloud solutions to help enterprises overcome operational challenges and drive transformational growth.

Through this partnership EPAM will expand its global, cloud-native engineering and integration services and introduce targeted vertical solutions and managed services around Google Cloud AI solutions, including Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder, Model Garden and more.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Google Cloud to bring the power of AI to our clients,” said Elaina Shekhter‎, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, EPAM. “Today’s technology transformations are built on the foundation of digital and cloud-native developments, many of which we’ve been working with Google on since the mid-2000s. Larger scale success with AI will also be critically enabled by a new wave of EPAM’s industry leading data engineering and ML capabilities. By furthering our long-standing partnership, we will help our clients stay ahead of the competition in a fast-changing digital landscape.”

As the global AI market soars and adoption expands, demand is increasing exponentially for AI, machine learning (ML) and advanced engineering across all industry verticals. This partnership will leverage Google Cloud’s advanced AI and ML capabilities, and EPAM’s platform and data engineering DNA and nearly 30 years of experience engineering, consulting, and software development experience to deliver innovative cloud-enabled AI, data modernization, migration, data and analytics solutions to the Forbes Global 2000. 

“Generative AI has the potential to streamline business processes and even transform entire industries,” said Michael Clark, Vice President, Google Cloud North America Regions. “By combining Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities with EPAM’s engineering expertise, we will help customers leverage cloud-first technology and generative AI as a catalyst for digital transformation, rapidly realizing business value, addressing real-world use cases and driving business growth across industries.”

EPAM and Google Cloud have a 15-year, global 360-degree partnership that combines EPAM’s engineering DNA, strategic consulting, and growing industry focused technology solutions with Google Cloud’s infrastructure, AI/ML, generative AI and analytics technology. While continuing to focus on the long-standing tenants of this partnership, EPAM and Google Cloud will expand their collaboration to build and deliver AI-driven solutions helping enterprises in key verticals including financial services, consumer, telecom, media, entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, energy and high-tech to modernize and transform their businesses.