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Eightfold AI Revolutionizes Project Staffing with Skills-based Resource Management

Talent Intelligence takes the next step with AI-powered project management, talent deployment and skill progression

Eightfold AI, the leader in AI-powered talent intelligence, today announced the availability of Eightfold Resource Management. This solution was purpose-built to increase service revenue and profit margins by focusing on skills, not just availability. Historically, consulting and service-based companies have been at the forefront of workforce agility and internal mobility. Now, every organization is poised to follow their lead, deploying team members based on their skills to specific regions and projects, accelerating time-to-staff and improving overall project quality.

Many leading organizations have begun to shift their work to a project-based approach, and Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform has evolved as well. Eightfold Resource Management leverages deep-learning AI to identify available talent with the right capabilities and experiences for all internal or external projects. The result is a scalable, automated platform that helps organizations become more agile. Healthcare, banking, manufacturing and other similar organizations have recognized the need to deploy their workforce based on the appropriate skills, increasing profit margins and leading to a more efficient and effective use of human resources throughout the organization.

“Eightfold AI uses talent intelligence to solve generational problems. For many organizations, hiring and deploying the correct talent, consistently, is an existential priority,” said Ashutosh Garg, CEO of Eightfold AI. “In many ways, resource management solutions are an extreme version of internal mobility, which we were ahead of the curve on. Eightfold is thrilled to continue this natural expansion, as we are uniquely positioned to address this issue. Using a unique examination of skills data, our customers can circumvent manual, laborious processes and create new levels of scale, speed and efficiency.”

Eightfold Resource Management makes the deployment of talent into a positive business differentiator. HR and procurement teams can now create strategic advantages by:

  • Impacting revenue by improving talent utilization and effective bench management. Staff more projects, faster, with the best talent.
  • Accelerating time to staff and deploy talent by instantly identifying the best resource for any project based on skills, location, availability or any other preference.
  • Auto-recording skill accumulation from completed and in-process engagements, allowing valuable experience to be viewed by the organization and accounted for in future opportunities.
  • Increasing the quality of planning decisions and hiring, using project data to deploy skill-workers appropriately, with complete visibility into past engagements and feedback from managers.
  • Identifying skill gaps, tracking all talents’ professional development goals, and recommending training programs to enhance their skills and future-proof the organization.
  • Streamlining processes for project and resource managers by seamlessly integrating sourcing, employee outreach, and feedback collection.