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Depix Tech Unveils AI Magic: Text to HDRI Revolution in 3D Design

Today, Depix Technologies, Inc, a pioneering force in artificial intelligence, unveils its groundbreaking AI-driven software that dramatically changes the landscape of 3D rendering.

The first of its kind with patent pending, Depix’s new software empowers users to create high dynamic range (HDR) panoramic images and backplates using simple text prompts, ushering in a new era of ease, precision, and endless creativity for the world of 3D design.

“This software revolutionizes the way professionals across industries like automotive design, video game development, product design, and film production can create and utilize 3D rendering,” said Philip Lunn CEO Depix. “Our text-to-HDR feature enables an infinite array of backgrounds and matching high-resolution backplates.”

Generating HDR images in a striking 8K x 4K resolution or higher, Depix’s software ensures the most vivid and immersive visual experiences for any project.

Depix’s ground-breaking technology isn’t limited to one platform. It’s soon to be available across major 3D rendering applications, with forthcoming plugins for Autodesk, Blender, Catia, Solidworks, Siemens, Unity and Unreal from Epic.

Depix’s cutting-edge solution is here to streamline, enhance, and redefine 3D rendering. Be part of the change, and witness the power of text-to-HDR.