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Coveo’s Relevance AI Platform Wins Coveted Best LLM Application Award in 2023 AI Breakthrough Awards, reinforcing its AI Leadership and Paving the Way for its New groundbreaking GenAI Solution

Prestigious International Annual Awards Program Honors Standout AI and Machine Learning Solutions and Companies

Coveo, a leader in AI platforms that transform digital experiences with intelligent search, recommendations, 1:1 personalization, and merchandising, proudly announces it was selected in the AI Breakthrough Awards program as the recipient of the “Best LLM Application” award. The annual AI Breakthrough Awards program aims to celebrate excellence and recognize innovation, hard work, and success in various AI and machine learning categories. This year’s program attracted over 3,200 nominations from more than 20 countries worldwide. Coveo’s award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of its Coveo Relevance Cloud TM AI platform.

The winning feature selected by the AI Breakthrough Awards is Coveo Smart Snippets — an advanced LLM-backed question answering capability. Smart Snippets uses Coveo’s artificial intelligence platform alongside a Large Language Model (LLM) framework to interpret the user’s query and provide back the more relevant paragraph or answer. Users do not need to click through links to read the source documents themselves, as Coveo Smart Snippets parses documents (like HTML) to show only the most relevant paragraph or answer. By leveraging this question answering capability with the Coveo secure, unified index, Coveo ensures users receive personalized, accurate, contextually relevant and trustable answers, resulting in reduced customer effort, increased self-service success, and improved cost-to-serve metrics.

The advent of generative AI, driven by a quantum leap in LLMs, has created a demand for organizations to deliver more advanced and comprehensive conversational responses, reshaping the customer and employee experience beyond traditional search links. Building upon years of successful deployment of LLMs with Smart Snippets and Case Classification in large enterprises, Coveo continues to innovate with the recent introduction of an enterprise-grade generative AI solution, Coveo Relevance Generative Answering, which harnesses the power of LLM technology in conjunction with Coveo’s market leading Coveo Relevance CloudTM AI platform and caters to the unique imperatives of enterprises, including security, privacy, real-time sources of truth, relevance, and access to diverse content sources. Combining LLMs with mature reliable AI search and relevance capabilities is necessary to create generative experiences enterprises can trust.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from AI Breakthrough. With LLM and GPT technology, we have witnessed a fundamental shift from searching for documents and links to searching for answers and advice,” stated Laurent Simoneau, President, CTO, and Co-Founder of Coveo. “Enterprises are increasingly interested in leveraging generative AI and LLMs in a secure and accurate manner to meet the rising expectations of their customers. Building on over a decade of AI expertise and years of experience utilizing LLMs, including with Coveo Smart Snippets, Coveo has also recently introduced Coveo Relevance Generative Answering a trustable and transformative solution that addresses key CIO headaches caused by GenAI shortcomings, such as hallucinations, veracity, security, privacy and a lack of source of truth which are currently hindering enterprises from leveraging this technology in a brand safe way.”

“Coveo Smart Snippets allows customers’ search results to become personalized, automated and relevant, enabling companies of all sizes to provide what today’s consumers expect. Congratulations to Coveo on winning the ‘Best LLM Application’ award,” said James Johnson, managing director, AI Breakthrough. “People expect relevant answers, not links to articles. Thanks to Coveo AI, Smart Snippets let companies meet customers where they are with high-quality self-service and agent-assisted service. Coveo is in a unique position to continue to innovate on their use of LLM and GenAI to bring these capabilities securely to the enterprise.”