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CES 2024: Meet Focus, the Predictive AI Analysis Platform That Unlocks the Future of Technology

CES Innovation Award winner Focus uses three types of AI to identify future technology trends based on global patent data; Early customers include the U.S. Navy, Philips, Reckitt and Suez, amongst others

Focus, the world’s first predictive AI analysis platform that accurately and reliably predicts the technological future based on global patent data, will make its debut at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of technology. A 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree in the inaugural AI category, Focus will showcase its technology at CES Unveiled Las Vegas on Sunday evening, January 7, 2024, and as part of the NL Tech Pavilion in Eureka Park at the Venetian Expo, Booth 62100 from January 9 – 12, 2024View a short video about Focus here.

Focus uses three types of AI to unlock the future of technology. The Focus platform continuously processes massive volumes of global patent data — accurately and in real-time. It enables organizations to scout relevant technology trends in any sector rapidly and receive continuously updated predictions, make proactive decisions and strategic investments in the ‘right’ emerging technologies based on comparative analyses, and predict future performance and cost with data-driven forecasting.

“Focus enables speed, scalability and objectivity. New technologies emerge exponentially faster every year, and time pressures and high stakes are involved in choosing which technologies to evaluate and invest in,” said Jard van Ingen, CEO and co-founder of Focus. “There were 215 technology categories in 1900, 70,000 in 1970 and more than 265,000 today. Focus helps R&D teams, decision-makers, and government agencies navigate technological complexity instead of struggling to keep pace, and enables them to make enduring decisions that shape the future.”

The accuracy of the Focus platform has already earned the company significant customers, including multinational corporations such as PhilipsReckittSuez, and Focus’s largest customer, the U.S. Navy, which uses Focus extensively to determine international technology strategies on behalf of the U.S. government. Focus also provides AI-powered foresight in sustainability, enabling luxury brands to easily scout sustainable materials replacements, balance sustainability and brand integrity, and navigate generational shifts and ESG legislation so they can future-proof their brands and thrive.

Focus strategically orchestrates three types of AI, scaling human expertise with near-infinite processing power:

  • Large language models (LLMs): Provide continuous research into global patent data archives, which is useful for tech scouting, scoring, and comparisons.
  • Vector Search: Provides real-time intelligence from the global innovation landscape and keeps a finger on the pulse of the entire technology sector.
  • Multivariate Regression: The ‘oracle’ — capable of predictive analytics by identifying relationships between data and real-world outcomes.
  • Human Overview: AI insights are reviewed by human experts to verify their accuracy, and AI insights enable near-infinite scaling of human expertise.

“Our SaaS-based predictive AI analysis platform can measure the speed at which technologies are actually improving, even before new generations of technology launch in the market. The technologies that develop the fastest always win in the end,” added van Ingen. “Focus surfaces incredible insights, and our AI tools offer a glimpse into forthcoming technology trends that empower our users to proactively navigate a dynamic marketplace, secure growth opportunities, and remain at the forefront of technological disruption.”