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CallRail Launches Latest AI-Powered Solution In Its Conversation Intelligence® Suite

Newest capabilities in the award-winning lead intelligence platform are built on industry-leading speech recognition AI to optimize marketing campaigns and lead conversion rates

Today CallRail, the lead intelligence platform helping businesses of all sizes market with confidence, launched Premium Conversation Intelligence. This AI-powered solution enables call-intensive businesses to turn more leads into better customers. CallRail’s newest addition to the product suite introduces best in class AI-generated call summaries and call sentiment analysis. The new capabilities will automatically surface marketing insights, flag conversations as positive, negative, or neutral, and identify frontline team performance trends and opportunities.

Since 2016, Conversation Intelligence® has delivered actionable, automated call insights to CallRail customers. Today, an industry-leading speech recognition model trained on 650,000 hours of voice data powers the product and delivers call transcripts with near human-level accuracy. To improve ROI, Conversation Intelligence automatically optimizes marketing campaigns, qualifies leads, analyzes Google Ads campaign and keyword data, and fine tunes targeting.

Premium Conversation Intelligence adds two performance-boosting features for marketers and frontline teams:

  • Call summaries provide three-to-five sentence takeaway snapshots from every call. These summaries can be filtered by campaign ensuring that marketers can instantly pinpoint insights, keywords, and trends to quickly improve strategies and marketing ROI. Frontline managers can immediately recognize coaching opportunities and train teams to engage customers more effectively.
  • Call sentiment surfaces both customer and staff sentiment on calls so managers can confidently act to improve close rates. Marketers and marketing agencies can use call sentiment trends to reveal which campaigns drive their most engaged leads and where they have opportunity to increase the relevance of their messaging.

Call summaries have been available to a select group of CallRail customers who are already seeing optimal impact. Lane Rizzardini, the owner of Marion Relationship Marketing and Sleep Apnea Leads, confirms, “Call summaries have been a massive time and money saver for our team. Historically, we’ve had to listen to every phone call to identify lead quality and ensure proper reporting to clients. Now we can achieve this goal in a fraction of the time by reading call summaries, which have proven extremely accurate in providing an overview of the call. This will be a game changer for our agency and our clients.”

CallRail is the only call tracking provider that automatically offers summaries and sentiment on every call, ensuring no insight is missed, and unexpected trends are uncovered. Importantly, Premium Conversation Intelligence protects lead and customer data for businesses in highly regulated industries by automatically redacting personally identifiable information and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

“Because they rely on Conversation Intelligence to improve sales, support, and keyword bidding strategies, our customers must have accurate, actionable, and immediate insights. With Premium Conversation Intelligence, they’re able to quickly scan call summaries and sentiment for actionable trends. What recently took hours or even days, now will only take minutes. This will not only free up crucial time to focus on business strategy and service delivery but also increase customer engagement,” said Ryan Johnson, SVP of Product at CallRail.

Marketers and frontline team managers can look forward to continued innovation of CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence solutions in the near future — including aggregated views of call sentiment and call summaries highlighting trends and opportunities by campaigns, channels, and agents.