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Bubblr Rebrands to Ethical Web AI, Reflecting its Core Mission

Bubblr Inc., an ethical technology company known for pioneering an Ethical Web Open-Source platform, announces its rebranding to Ethical Web AI. This trade name better encapsulates its mission and focus on improving the future of search and advancing a more ethical Internet.

Tim Burks, the CEO of the company formerly known as Bubblr, Inc., stated: “From the start, it was evident that the name Bubblr did not accurately reflect our company’s purpose, products, or core philosophy. We have always identified ourselves as an ethical web business. Moreover, our soon-to-be-launched GPT Dynamic app is fundamentally centered around large language models (LLMs) and artificial intelligence. Therefore, Ethical Web AI is a name that truly represents our essence.

“We had previously acquired the domain name Ethicalweb.ai, which we believed was far more descriptive of our business. We have now built the EthicalWeb.ai website, and all traffic from bubblr.com has been redirected to this new site. We are in the process of filing a request to the state of Wyoming to formally reserve the name Ethical Web AI, given its active use.”

Burks also highlighted the unanimous support for the name change from the company’s marketing partners—Beyond Media Group, Outside the Box Capital, and Milestone Management Services. “All three firms expressed concern that our previous name did not reflect our business’s purpose and were fully supportive of the change. In fact, they have deliberately reserved their marketing strategies until this change was implemented, which it now has been.

“Both Professor Paul Morrissey, our Chief Strategy Officer, and I were motivated to join the company largely because of its ethical web credentials. We both fully endorse the company’s ethical web manifesto, which includes decentralized profits and data collection, protection of citizens’ privacy rights, a level playing field for businesses, combating social and cultural division, and resisting corruption by advertising.

“The board of directors unanimously agreed that it made complete sense for our marketing partners to reserve their strategies until we began operating under the more meaningful and reflective business name of Ethical Web AI,” Burks concluded.