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Bubblr Inc. Debuts AI Seek’s Enhanced Website and Signals New App Improvements

Ethical Web AI, previously Bubblr Inc., a pioneering ethical technology company dedicated to reshaping the digital realm, is excited to present the fresh website for its groundbreaking AI Seek chat application.

Since its release on July 30th, AI Seek has garnered a diverse and enthusiastic user base. Feedback has been instrumental, with significant insights derived from users unfamiliar with such platforms. In response to this input, especially from our non-technical audience, we’re crafting an even more intuitive version of the app.

While younger users have found the platform effortlessly navigable and intuitive, we’re committed to ensuring AI Seek’s universality across all age brackets and tech savviness levels.

The forthcoming AI Seek iteration will feature enhanced UI upgrades, honing its inherent user-friendliness. Additionally, this version will introduce instructive video tutorials across various application scenarios.

We’re also actively collaborating with a top-tier AI LLM (Large Language Model) vendor. Our goal? To integrate multiple AI LLMs, employing our proprietary AI engine to choose the best-suited model based on user inquiries. This ensures AI Seek remains distinct, emphasizing user privacy while also providing the most relevant LLM responses to individual prompts.

As the AI domain burgeons, we foresee a tapestry of AI LLMs, each showcasing unique strengths and mirroring their provider’s specialized expertise.

To sum up, AI Seek’s cutting-edge technology is supported by a pending patent, underscoring our dedication to both innovation and excellence.