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Bubblr Inc. Announces the Submission of Innovative AI Seek App to Apple and Google Stores for Approval

Bubblr Inc., now operating as Ethical Web AI, an ethical technology company committed to the development and advancement of a better Internet, proudly announces the submission of the first production version of its consumer app, AI Seek, to the Apple and Google stores.

This milestone signifies a significant step forward in Bubblr’s mission to create a more user-focused and privacy-centric digital environment. Both Apple and Google are fully informed of AI Seek, and we anticipate their formal approval within the coming days.

For the initial month, we will undertake a soft launch strategy, intended to gather user feedback and performance data. The insights obtained will be vital for product enhancements in the following weeks.

AI Seek is competitively priced at $15 per month or $150 annually, marking it $5 cheaper per month than Chat GPT’s own browser-based product. However, the real value of AI Seek extends far beyond its cost-effectiveness.

Key advantages of AI Seek include:

– Better quality output: AI Seek’s output is presented in individually generated web pages, improving shareability across various platforms like WhatsApp, email, and social media. The enhanced formatting also simplifies transfers to PDFs and Word documents. Plus, dynamic hypertext links are generated on the web page.

– Anonymity: Unlike other apps, AI Seek requires no registration process upon installation. We respect and prioritize user privacy – we don’t know who our users are, and we prefer it that way. For corporations concerned about accidental disclosure of company secrets, our unique approach significantly reduces this risk.

– Patent Protection: AI Seek’s innovative information searching is safeguarded by our second patent application.

For our initial launch, our target is 1,000 installs in the first month, laying the groundwork for a broader marketing push scheduled for September. This pivotal moment in Bubblr’s history brings us closer to our vision of a more ethical and user-centered Internet.