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Bloomberg Law Announces New Practical Guidance Toolkit on Use of AI

Bloomberg Law today announced the release of a new Practical Guidance Toolkit that provides practice-specific guidance on legal risks pertaining to the use of artificial intelligence by lawyers and their clients. For more information or to request a demo, please visit http://onb-law.com/oI3050PSqiu.

The new Toolkit provides Practical Guidance on the use of artificial intelligence in a wide variety of contexts. It complements tools and resources already available to Bloomberg Law customers on the In Focus: AI page. This new content will help attorneys navigate legal risks related to the use of large language models, generative AI, and other forms of AI across core areas of practice, such as litigation, transactions, privacy, employment, health, intellectual property, finance, securities, and the legal profession itself.

The Practical Guidance Toolkit provides new content, including a high-level overview of Bloomberg Law’s growing collection of Practical Guidance and Professional Perspectives related to AI. The Toolkit also contains a glossary of terms commonly used to describe AI tools, their various functions, and related risks and best practices. Bloomberg Law users can further directly access related SEC filings, court dockets, and agency guidance on the platform.

“Whether seeking guidance on leveraging AI to help with tasks related to their own practice of law or advising clients on the use of AI, Bloomberg Law’s new Practical Guidance Toolkit provides enormous value to attorneys navigating the various laws and guidance around maximizing the potential value while curbing risks presented by generative AI,” said Alex Butler, vice president of content and analysis, Bloomberg Law. “This is a growing area of legal development, and our content and technology offerings will be updated as legal developments and AI tools continue to evolve.”

This expanded offering is available to all subscribers as part of their existing subscription under Bloomberg Law’s commitment to all-inclusive access to the platform.