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Beautiful.ai Adds Contextual AI Capabilities to DesignerBot, The Next Evolution of Generative AI

New Capability Allows Businesses to Insert Proprietary Documents for More Personalized and Complete Presentations With One Prompt

Beautiful.ai, the presentation platform that enables anyone to build beautiful presentations, announced today the launch of contextual AI capabilities on its next-generation DesignerBot, a generative AI tool that enables Beautiful.ai users to incorporate their own business documents, data and information into AI generated presentations and slides. By integrating a user’s own context into its AI algorithm, Beautiful.ai is now able to generate up-to-date content that is more relevant and accurate to a company, rather than relying solely on what the AI model has already been trained on.

As AI continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that business users require AI that can generate relevant content based on their own information and data – not just the publicly available information that today’s AI models generate. With the latest enhancement of DesignerBot, Beautiful.ai users can enrich the standard generative AI by uploading their own documents – including PDF, text, Word and even webpages – to provide additional context for AI to reference when generating a presentation or slide. Context is everything when generating useful and accurate content.

“At Beautiful.ai, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our AI features, making them more useful and compelling,” said Mitch Grasso, founder and chief technology officer at Beautiful.ai. “Adding additional context to our generative AI features effectively teaches the AI about you and your business in a secure and protected manner, and gives our business users the ability to more accurately guide generated presentations into a closer to finished product immediately.”

Beautiful.ai is built upon a SOC2-compliant enterprise-ready infrastructure to ensure secure and reliable access to a business’ content. Contextual AI takes full advantage of those systems to ensure that a user’s context documents remain secure and limited to that user’s generated content.

Beautiful.ai believes presentations today should be memorable and the storytelling in them should be painless and empowering. Through automated smart content, the Beautiful.ai platform gives everyone – including non-designers – a tool with a built-in designer. Utilizing Beautiful.ai’s DesignerBot, users can generate fully realized presentations, including appropriate text, layouts, photos, icons and design, based on one simple text prompt – and then quickly edit slides by adding or removing content and automatically adapting, resizing and laying out the slides via the SmartSlides technology. As a collaborative solution, Beautiful.ai helps organizations control the entire lifecycle of how presentations are built, shared and reused across teams – and presentations can be easily imported or exported to different presentation formats, including PowerPoint, Google Slides and PDF.

Beautiful.ai currently has more than 2.5 million users across 228 countries and 50,000 companies, including trusted brands such as ESPN, Rakuten and the Phoenix Suns.