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Aurora Mobile Launches its AI Bots Creation Platform, GPTBots

Aurora Mobile Limited, a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced that it successfully held the “Use AI Faster” seminar at the Hong Kong University of Science School of Business and Management on September 5, 2023. Members of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Dr. Wendy Hong (Election Committee constituency) and Mr. Duncan Chiu (Technology and Innovation Functional constituency), Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of Hong Kong, Professor Dong Sun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aurora Mobile, Mr. Weidong Luo, and Board Advisor of the Company’s new AI product GPTBots, Mr. Tony Leung and other representatives from government, enterprises, investors, industry experts and users attended this seminar to share their insights and experiences on AI application.

Mr. Weidong Luo, Chairman and CEO of the Company, said that as ChatGPT has opened the door to infinite possibilities, Hong Kong enterprises need to quickly introduce “enterprise-level” technologies to employees, customers, and partners to create new products and markets leveraging automated redundant communication and data processing to improve user experience. This initiative aligns closely with the launch of the Company’s first AI bots creation platform GPTBots in the Asia-Pacific region. With GPTBots, enterprise users can build, train, and deploy AI bots to handle specific tasks within their business environment in about an hour without any programming experience. Using a simple user interface and just a few clicks, they can easily, economically, and efficiently create their own ‘ChatGPT’ catered specifically for the various scenarios needed within their business.

Regarding the technology of GPTBots, Board Advisor Mr. Tony Leung said, “GPTBots is a complementary general-purpose LLM AI bot featuring private data input and continuous fine-tuning, which can replace ‘rule-based’ chatbots, improve user experience, and reduce costs. GPTBots aims to provide users with an end-to-end business platform that can seamlessly integrate robots into existing applications and workflows via plug-ins.”

During the seminar, representatives from investment, accounting, education, logistics, insurance, communication, writing, legal, e-commerce, and other industries shared their valuable experiences and positive feedback from early trials of GPTBots in AI bot creation.

With its commitment to accelerate AI adoption, GPTBots aims to be a transformative force for industries with the nature and strength of “Using AI Faster”.