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Artlist launches a groundbreaking, AI-powered footage search engine for digital creators

This release is part of Artlist’s mission to empower creators with high-quality, innovative tools that inspire creativity and bring their imagination to life.

Artlist, the creative technology company used by millions of digital creators worldwide, is proud to announce the release of their groundbreaking new footage search engine, powered by AI. The new and advanced search is built into the Artlist product and helps creators find the exact footage they need faster than ever.

The AI-powered search streamlines the search process thanks to its ability to understand the complex nuances of human language. Creators can now find footage based on composition, lighting, references, moods, specific scenery, objects, or characters, whether they’re looking for inspiration or have a specific concept in mind. User’s can simply search the way they think and get highly accurate results every time.

The search’s semantic capabilities are more advanced than traditional keyword matching. The AI technology extracts images from footage and converts them into a language model, along with lexical tagging. The model generates accurate results based on the user’s search terms, and contextual cues that the system has learned over time.

“The new AI-powered search engine provides users with a limitless creative landscape by utilizing cutting-edge technology for unparalleled accuracy”, says Amit Bendor, Head of AI at Artlist. “This dynamic and knowledge-intensive search experience is the best out there, encompassing artistic concepts, references, series, characters, locations, and different moods”.

Searching for footage or the inspiration to kickstart a project is critical to the success of any video project but can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the creative process. Artlist recently published the results from their annual creators’ survey, showing that more than 60% of creators are earning a living from their video content. This further demonstrates the importance and relevance of features that help creators make the best content possible.

Itzik Elbaz, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Artlist says: “The creator economy is experiencing unprecedented growth and we recognize it as a market with infinite potential. Right now, creators are having to get to grips with a new landscape because of transformative technologies like AI. As technology continues to progress, creators’ potential to exhibit their ideas and reach global audiences is only limited by their imagination”.

“Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a dynamic tool that can inspire and accelerate the creative process. The release of AI-powered search is part of Artlist’s ongoing commitment to empowering creators with the most advanced tools and highest-quality content to help them bring their stories to life”.

The launch of Artlist’s AI-powered search follows the announcement of Artlist Max — an all-in-one plan that gives you everything you need to create amazing videos. The new search will be followed by more AI-powered feature releases as part of Artlist’s ongoing efforts to provide the best tools and highest-quality assets for digital creators worldwide.