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Arize AI Debuts Observe Copilot, Winning “Coolest Technology” at VB Transform’s Innovation Showcase

An ML observability assistant, Observe Copilot enables LLM developers working with GPT-4 to use AI to better understand where to focus improvement efforts

Arize AI, a market leader in machine learning observability, won “Coolest Technology” at the VB Transform 2023 Innovation Showcase for a newly-launched ChatGPT plugin for LLM observability.

The debut comes at a time of great upheaval around generative AI as a majority of machine learning teams plan production deployments of large language models (LLMs) but encounter early challenges like accuracy of responses, poor data retrieval, and hallucinations.

Arize Observe Copilot is an LLM observability add-on designed to assist machine learning and data science practitioners explore and analyze how their LLM models are performing in production. Through an integration with GPT-4, Observe Copilot provides an intuitive, chat-like experience for LLM practitioners to ask questions about their model, perform EDA, and uncover problematic clusters of data points.

Ultimately, Observe Copilot enables LLM developers and teams with an easier way to troubleshoot the root cause of ML issues and understand where to focus their improvement and fine-tuning efforts.

“As AI gets more complicated in the generative era – with prompts and responses and potentially layers of agents – finding problems in operational data becomes more difficult,” says Jason Lopatecki, CEO and Co-Founder of Arize. “We believe that the future will involve using AI to troubleshoot AI and built Observe Copilot as a first-of-its-kind solution to do just that.”