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Applitools Expands Visual AI Accessibility To Broader Test Automation Market With Preflight Integration

Teams of any skill level can now tap into the power of Visual AI technology to increase test coverage, speed time to market and ensure user experience meets the strictest quality standards

Applitools, the leader of AI in test automation, has launched the full integration of its flagship technology, Visual AI, with its latest acquisition, Preflight, a no-code testing tool that empowers teams of any skill level to automate tests. The integration allows anyone within an organization to utilize Visual AI technology for an unparalleled advantage that ensures digital products meet the highest standards of functionality and visual appeal.

Learn more about the Preflight integration: https://applitools.com/platform/preflight/demo-request/

Applitools’ flagship product, Eyes, is powered by Visual AI technology that replicates the human eye and brain to capture functional and visual bugs before they go to production. Prior to the integration with Preflight, the power of Applitools Eyes and Visual AI was accessible mostly to engineering teams with the skill sets to write and maintain test code. However, Applitools recognized the growing demand in the industry to make Visual AI available to a broader audience. For years, Applitools Eyes has integrated Visual AI with open source testing frameworks like Selenium and Cypress to help drastically improve test stability, coverage, and maintenance. Now, with Preflight specializing in effortless test automation creation, this means not just developers and engineers, but teams of any skill level, can create tests that utilize Visual AI.

“For the past decade, Applitools’ Visual AI technology has helped test and QA engineering teams at leading global organizations efficiently identify functional and visual bugs in their products and accelerate their testing,” said Moshe Milman, co-founder and COO of Applitools. “However, we have realized the need to make Visual AI technology accessible to all within an organization, regardless of skill level. Now, whether someone is an experienced QA engineer, manual tester, or completely new to the world of testing, they can all tap into the benefits of Visual AI. The integration of Preflight and Eyes is a testament to our commitment to the future of efficient, inclusive and comprehensive testing.”

With the Preflight and Eyes integration, Applitools aims to simplify and enhance the test automation process through the following benefits:

  • Everyone can Automate: With Preflight’s no-code capabilities, even those without extensive programming knowledge can now harness the power of Visual AI through Eyes. This democratizes the testing process, allowing more team members to contribute effectively to test automation.
  • Increased Coverage: The combination of Preflight’s codeless testing capabilities with the precision of Eyes’ Visual AI ensures that apps and websites are not only functionally correct but also visually perfect across more of the interface. This is crucial in today’s competitive market, where user experience has become a huge differentiator.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Users can now design their tests in Preflight and instantly leverage the power of Eyes Visual AI, all within a unified platform. This removes the need to juggle between multiple tools, thereby saving time and reducing potential errors.