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Ada Announces First Omnichannel Generative AI Suite for Customer Service

Today Ada, the leading AI-powered customer service automation platform, announced the launch of a new suite of generative AI capabilities to help companies resolve complex customer inquiries across channels instantly, and in a safe and accurate manner. The launch rings in a new era of automation — one that leverages LLMs to effortlessly modernize customer service across voice, SMS, and messaging channels. 

The need for customer service automation is at an all-time high. More people are searching for companies that can take them off hold and deliver modern CX in every channel. While many are flocking to chat automation for self-serve support, phone support continues to be the most popular — and expensive — customer service channel. To help customer service leaders keep pace with these new expectations, Ada expanded its platform with new generative AI and voice capabilities that enable organizations to drive true omnichannel automation. 

“Ada has been at the forefront of customer service automation for the past six years, and our most trailblazing clients have experienced first-hand how AI and automation can revolutionize their CX,” said Ada Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Murchison. “With the addition of Voice, Ada is the first company in the world to offer one customer service automation platform, powered by generative AI, that works for both messaging and voice. This gives companies the ability to create truly omnichannel experiences — building once and resolving inquiries on phone and messaging channels without having to duplicate efforts.”

Founded in 2016, Ada now powers customer service automation for more than 300 companies, including customer-obsessed brands like Meta, Verizon and Shopify. Ada is uniquely designed for the customer service industry, trained on over 4 billion customer conversations. Built using cutting-edge generative AI technology like OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, Ada’s platform automatically resolves more — and more complex — customer inquiries across channels and languages, with the least amount of effort. 

To help ensure that companies are introducing generative AI into their customer service organization with the appropriate guardrails, Ada’s customer service LLM adds its own proprietary technology to open foundational models. This ensures that customer conversations are always relevant, accurate, and safe, and that there is clear understanding of an AI’s reasoning.  Bot managers are empowered to coach their AI to adapt and improve as their business changes with a suite of simple no-code tools.

Ada’s Copilot capabilities enable CX teams to lean on Generative AI to produce content, connect automation to existing knowledge sources, and take actions on behalf of customers. Instead of spending time building automation, bot managers can verify and monitor conversation flows to ensure the continuous improvement of customer service automation – ultimately leading to more automated resolutions. Similarly, Ada Voice enables companies to bypass the unnecessary complexity of traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automation and power more sophisticated voice experiences with less effort. Ada has partnered with a number of companies in an early access program, including Wealthsimple. 

“Automation has always been integral to how we deliver a seamless, delightful experience to our clients, and maximizes the time our people can spend directly with them,” said Wealthsimple’s Chief Client Experience Officer, Paul Teshima. “Generative AI holds huge potential for transforming the quality of a client’s support experience and we’re excited to work with Ada and explore how their solutions can empower our employees and our clients.”

To learn more about how Ada is leading the application of generative AI in customer service automation, visit www.ada.cx, and register here for Ada’s upcoming product event, “Bringing generative AI to all channels.”