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ActiveFence Continues Expansion with Spectrum Labs Acquisition, Advancing AI-Driven Trust & Safety Solutions

ActiveFence, the leading technology solution for Trust and Safety intelligence, management and content moderation, today announced its successful acquisition of Spectrum Labs, a pioneer in text-based Contextual AI Content Moderation. This strategic acquisition adds an important pillar to ActiveFence’s unrivaled offering of Trust and Safety solutions and further cements its dedication to developing integrated solutions that shield billions of users worldwide from online threats.

An early innovator in text-based content moderation, Spectrum Labs serves some of the world’s leading online brands and communities, including Riot Games, Grindr and The Meet Group and assists them in eliminating harmful content, improving user retention, and creating more enjoyable customer experiences.

Today, with the acquisition of Spectrum Labs, ActiveFence leaps forward in its steadfast commitment to end-to-end online safety. Merging Spectrum Labs׳ advanced Contextual AI with ActiveFence’s premier Trust and Safety Operating System and innovative content detection AI, the company now boasts an unparalleled ability to instantaneously and accurately recognize and mitigate online risks at an unprecedented scale. This synergy amplifies ActiveFence’s technological depth, assuring unmatched cost-efficiency, industry-leading performance, bespoke capabilities, and a seamless user experience.

“Uniting the strengths of both companies is a force multiplier which sets a new industry benchmark”, said Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO of ActiveFence. “We can now empower our combined customer base to detect harmful content with greater accuracy and speed than ever before. This move not only exemplifies our unwavering commitment to spearheading industry innovations but also envisions a more cohesive and streamlined future for Trust and Safety”.

“Spectrum Labs and ActiveFence have always shared the same mission of making the internet a safer and more equitable place for users,” said Justin Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Spectrum Labs. “Now our combined clients get the benefit of the two leading – and complementary – approaches to Trust & Safety technology, which is going to ultimately protect more users online and accelerate innovation in user safety just when generative AI is creating new challenges for platforms.”

The acquisition of Spectrum Labs also ensures the continued success of the global #TSCollective community, one of the largest communities of trust & safety practitioners, known for its vibrant and open collaboration and knowledge-sharing of best practices. ActiveFence Is committed to fostering industry collaboration and working towards a safer and more responsible online environment for all.

Following the acquisition of Rewire earlier this year, this is the second acquisition for ActiveFence in 2023. As ActiveFence continues to actively pursue strategic opportunities, today marks another significant milestone in the company’s journey towards creating a safer online world. By combining the strengths of ActiveFence and Spectrum Labs, the industry can expect even greater advancements in Trust and Safety technology.