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Virtual Reality (VR)
Banuba Enhances Short Social Media Video Creation Solution with AI-Generated Captions
Banuba unveils its updated Video Editor SDK, equipped with AI-generated captions, autogenerated avatars, and native music integration, transforming video content creation for app developers. Explore how these enhancements cater to evolving user preferences and market dynamics, empowering developers to innovate in the realm of social media and video editing. Read More
Pryon Selected for the 2024 CB Insights AI 100 List
CB Insights today named Pryon, a leader in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) solutions, to its eighth-annual AI 100, showcasing the 100 most promising private AI companies of 2024. This year’s winners are recognized for tackling some of the hardest challenges in scaling AI across industries, and Pryon, having pioneered best-in-class RAG solutions, earned its spot on the list for its capabilities to increase productivity through AI applications. Read More
WiMi is Working on the Blockchain Secure Storage Strategy
WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that it is working on employing Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) to blockchain storage. A new blockchain storage strategy is being proposed that reduces the block information in different nodes according to a stochastic algorithm. This blockchain secure storage strategy utilizes MCMC to improve blockchain data storage security. The MCMC algorithm has a wide range of applications in the fields of random sampling, mathematical expectation estimation, and definite integral calculus. The security of blockchain is built on the base of randomness. Read More
MeetKai’s latest AI-enabled metaverse technology at The Venetian Expo, Meeting Room Bellini 2003
Today, metaverse and conversational AI company, MeetKai, announced its return to CES 2024, revealing its impressive slate of upcoming metaverse launches developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading brands and advancements of its Generative AI platform built on top of 5 years of R&D. Marking its second consecutive year at the event, MeetKai invites attendees to visit The Venetian Expo, Bellini 2003 Meeting Room to explore the new realms of virtual experiences Read More
WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that its R&D team proposed an asymmetric spectral network algorithm. The algorithm employs asymmetric coordinate spectral spatial feature fusion to provide a novel, end-to-end feature learning method for hyperspectral image classification tasks. The algorithm’s adaptive feature fusion method is capable of extracting discriminative spectral spatial features, and unlike common feature fusion methods, the algorithm is more adaptable to multi-hop connectivity tasks while eliminating the need for manual parameterization. Read More
WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (“WiMi” or the “Company”), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that it developed a deep reinforcement learning-based task scheduling algorithm in cloud computing to improve the performance and resource utilization of cloud computing systems. Deep reinforcement learning can solve complex decision-making problems by learning and optimizing strategies. Read More
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