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Perigon Secures $5M in Seed Funding to Structure the Open Web for AI

In a major step towards reshaping how AI processes the ever-expanding realm of public web data and news media, Perigon has successfully closed a $5 million seed financing round led by LiveOak Ventures. Founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneur Joshua Dziabiak and Emmy-winning innovator Josh Rickel, Perigon is at the forefront of organizing the web’s vast data for the age of AI.

Today, processing real-time web data, tackling misinformation, and dealing with synthetic content creates complexities for businesses trying to tap into the world’s data. Perigon’s technology tackles these challenges by rethinking how we integrate useful information into software, services, and research. Perigon gathers over 20 million pieces of data every day from more than 130,000 sources. Using AI, it organizes and connects this data to give quick, up-to-the-minute insights on various topics, people, companies, and global events. Customers then use this enriched data to make better decisions and supercharge innovative AI applications across industries.

“Perigon is committed to turning the chaos of the web into an organized system, making it possible for AI to understand and interpret the world’s events as they happen, said Joshua Dziabiak, Founder of Perigon. “It’s all designed to serve people with more context and diverse perspectives on the key issues that shape our world, in business and life.”

Perigon is already creating a significant impact, serving over 70 customers, ranging from government entities and AI-forward startups to major consumer products and leading financial institutions. The breadth of their customer base highlights the adaptability of Perigon’s technology. Environmental agencies harness Perigon’s capabilities to extract actionable insights, empowering teams to effectively address environmental, health, and security risks by pinpointing hyperlocal signals. On the financial front, Perigon’s data feeds play a pivotal role for institutions seeking real-time context on companies, industries, and economic trends, enriching trading platforms and facilitating more informed decision-making in the dynamic realm of financial markets.

The technology doesn’t just help AI understand ongoing global stories; it ensures it is consistently updated and clustered amongst diverse perspectives. This overcomes the issues posed by static datasets, traditional search engines, or isolated sources. “We are excited about the market opportunities that arise from unlocking contextual insights from public information at scale for business practitioners and consumers. In a short period of time and with limited investment, Perigon has leveraged AI and powerful models to deliver value directly to end-users and through APIs by dozens of demanding customers all over the world. We believe that repeat entrepreneurs Joshua Dziabiak and Josh Rickel are the right pair to lead this ambitious endeavor and seize this massive opportunity,” said Krishna Srinivasan, Founding Partner of LiveOak Venture Partners.

Perigon’s Co-Founder, Josh Rickel, added, “Imagine a world where AI is as informed and evolving as the internet it learns from. Perigon is more than a platform; it’s a crucial tool for those shaping the next frontier of instant AI decision-making.”

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Perigon’s rapid growth and innovative approach solidify the company’s leadership in the upcoming wave of AI advancements. The seed funding will fuel Perigon’s expansion and support its mission to build AI that’s truly in the know, all powered by the open web.