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Kudzu Releases Generative AI Assistant and New Pricing Model

With their latest Release, Kudzu is delivering an OpenAI-powered form builder and a new token-based price model. Kudzu users can now generate entirely new forms, improve/reimagine existing forms, and author them to a growing list of low and no code platforms.

Kudzu Software Inc., an Atlanta-based forms migration, reimagination, and ideation platform provider is pleased to announce the general availability of its Generative AI Assistant, Kudzu Bot, along with a new token-based pricing model.

Kudzu Bot, which leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 LLMs, can be used to generate entirely new form models in as few as a couple words (e.g., PTO Request) or reimagine an existing form by suggesting new fields, options for choice lists, and more.

“There’s been a lot of activity and hype in the Generative AI space in the past few months and my reaction is generally some form of that’s really cool, but what are you going to do with it?” said Rob D’Oria, Kudzu’s Co-Founder and CEO. D’Oria adds, “We started looking at Generative AI back in November ’22 because we saw an opportunity to transform the output of these LLMs into something that could be used by our platform to ideate new forms or reimagine existing ones. We just needed to figure out how to talk to them and took our time to get it right. And the results clearly demonstrate that we got it right.”

The new token-based pricing model, Anyform Tokens, provides for a lower cost entry point to leverage Kudzu’s tooling, starting at $995 for 100 tokens. Anyform Tokens are consumed based on the complexity of the form model along with the type (Basic, Standard, and Premium) of connector being used to author the form to a destination low or no code platform. A basic form written to a platform like Formstack would cost 1-2 tokens or $10-20. A highly complex form (100’s of fields, repeating sections, dozens of rules, etc.) written to Nintex Automation On-prem (K2 Five) would cost 18-24 tokens or $180-240. For a limited time, new account registrations will receive 10 Anyform Tokens for FREE.

“We’re enabling this type of model to make the platform more accessible to smaller teams within an organization, service providers of all sizes, and solopreneurs that want to leverage automation and Generative AI to scale themselves.” said Rob D’Oria. D’Oria adds, “We also see opportunities to leverage this model to bundle Kudzu Bot within the subscriptions of our technology partners to create a sort of virtual (on-demand) template library.”

Additionally, this latest release of Kudzu delivers several new readers and writers, self-service account creation, and more.