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Generative AI Creates 3D Models That Professionals Can Actually Use 3DFY.ai Launches 3DFY Prompt, a Text-to-3D Model Generator

3DFY.ai announced the launch of 3DFY Prompt, a generative AI that democratizes professional-quality 3D model creation, enabling anyone to use text prompts to create high quality models that can be used in gaming, design or virtual environments, to name a few.

Until now, high quality 3D model creation required professional labor, and lots of it. Some recent advances in AI, such as those recently announced by Nvidia, Google and OpenAI, offer effortless 3D model creation, but severely compromise on asset quality, which, in practice, hinders the assets’ usability. To be more than a cool fad, generative AI models need to be tangibly useful.

3DFY.ai’s text-to-3D technology uniquely offers a scalable AI-based solution which generates 3D models comparable to those produced by human 3D modelers. The tradeoff for the professional model quality comes in the form of a category-bound solution, meaning only objects within a range of defined classes can be generated. However, with a continuously expanding range of available categories, this limitation will quickly diminish with time.

The result is beautiful 3D models, which are always divided into semantically meaningful parts, constructed with professional-level mesh topology available in multiple levels of detail with addition of physically based rendering textures at any desired resolution.

In addition, 3DFY.ai employs strictly ethical AI, as the vast amounts of training data utilized to train the company’s AI are 100% synthetic and generated in-house using advanced computer graphics methods. 

Eliran Dahan, co-founder and CEO says, “With 3DFY Prompt, 3D creation can now be available to everyone, regardless of budget or experience, in ways that enable self-expression and save time, money and manual work for creators and without having to worry about possible copyright issues. We’re already working on additional object categories and new, unique functionality. Our overarching vision is to make 3D authoring as fun and easy as playing an online game. We want everyone to be empowered to create 3D content.”