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Botco.ai Unveils GenAI Chat Cloud to Bring Enterprise-Level Privacy and Security to Generative AI Applications

Enables businesses to easily deploy AI chatbots that are specifically trained on enterprise data to provide accurate and engaging interactions

Botco.ai, today announced the launch of the GenAI Chat Cloud, a suite of generative AI products to enable enterprises to transform their sales, marketing and customer relationship initiatives through the latest advances in Generative AI. Botco.ai’s GenAI Chat Cloud relies on proprietary, fine-tuned large language models (LLMs) to sort, analyze and contextualize information from enterprise data and applications—including websites, CRM, EMR, CMS and other proprietary data sources—in order to provide fast, accurate answers to user questions in a conversational manner.

While the introduction of generative AI has been a boon for enterprises seeking to save time and resources, serious questions persist around the accuracy, privacy and security of most Generative AI solutions on the market today. However, the Botco.ai GenAI Chat Cloud is trained specifically on an enterprise’s proprietary data and comes with SOC2 compliance, robust data governance capabilities, HIPAA validation, and more, ensuring that all responses are 100 percent accurate and come with none of the hallucinations that plague traditional AI chatbots.

“Generative AI is a proven game changer as enterprises seek new ways of engaging with customers, prospects and other stakeholders,” said Rebecca Clyde, CEO of Botco.ai. “But the solutions on the market today are limited in what they can do for an enterprise because they aren’t trained on the data and information that matters most—the enterprise’s own content. Our GenAI Chat Cloud makes it easy for any business to query its own documents and deliver timely, accurate responses to just about any question a prospect or customer might have.”

The Botco.ai GenAI Chat Cloud offers a no-code platform that can be built and deployed rapidly. Product modules that comprise the Botco.ai GenAI chat cloud include:

  • InstaStack: Quickly and easily query documents from across an entire enterprise—including CRM, CMS, Analytics and more—using Botco.ai’s generative language models, which analyze the enterprise’s content to extract meaning and context. The fine-tuned models of the Botco.ai GenAI Chat Cloud are able to refresh by interacting with changing data sources to reflect the most current information.
  • InstaChat: Automatically produce question and answer pairs from uploaded documents. This is suitable for smaller chatbots that can be deployed rapidly when the underlying information does not change frequently.
  • InstaGraph: Query structured data to gain real-time insights into customer behaviors by examining what questions they’re asking, how they’re asking those questions, and how campaigns are performing.

Botco.ai’s GenAI Chat Cloud leverages fine-tuned LLMs to understand specific questions in a target industry or function and generate fast, accurate responses in natural language. Combined with the Botco.ai platform and its workflow, authoring, training and analytical modules, it enables enterprises to create personalized and engaging experiences that increase revenue and compress enterprise workflow. To date, customers in healthcare, wellness, government and other verticals have experienced an average of 6X return on investment.