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ArcSpan Introduces Publisher Custom Content Taxonomies: AI-Powered Large Language Modeling (“LLM”) Improves the Accuracy and Scale of High-Value 1P Audience Segments and Data Attributes

ArcSpan continues to deliver industry-leading data monetization solutions to help publishers boost revenue and implement high-quality, cost-effective first-party data revenue technologies with speed and ease.

ArcSpan Technologies, the innovative publisher audience monetization company, proudly announces the launch of Custom Content Taxonomies as an integral part of the ArcSpan AMS™ data monetization platform. This groundbreaking offering leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower publishers to identify and monetize their most valuable audience segments with accuracy and scale organized by select verticals and affinity groupings.

As the digital advertising industry transitions away from third-party cookies, the addition of cookieless Custom Content Taxonomies within the ArcSpan AMS™ platform further enhances publisher revenue generation capabilities. By seamlessly processing 100% of site visitor activity in real time, ArcSpan’s exclusive organization of taxonomy libraries enable publishers to meet advertisers’ demand for accurate and measurable audience-targeted media campaigns tapping bespoke audience categories, verticals, and data segments to meet campaign KPIs.

The AMS platform allows publishers to maximize the value of their addressable audience inventory scale and accuracy via both Custom Content Taxonomies as well as pre-integrated IAB content and audience taxonomies. Leveraging big data and advanced Large Language Models, ArcSpan goes beyond standard industry classifications to support data accuracy and scale in delivering high-value audience cohorts across contextual, behavioral, intent, and attention-based targeting attributes.

Key Features of ArcSpan Custom Content Taxonomies:

  • Data Expansion and Enhancement: Custom Content Taxonomies expand and enhance the pre-integrated IAB and Google Content and Audience taxonomies that come standard with AMS, providing greater targeting value and volume for advertisers.
  • Industry Vertical-Focused and Affinity Targeting: Initial deployments include five industry verticals and two affinity groupings, categories include: Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment; Automotive; Financial and Insurance; Retail / E-commerce / Lifestyle; Travel and Hospitality; Multi-cultural; and Purpose-driven.
  • Significance: Custom Content Taxonomies enable brand-focused, interest-based, and high-accuracy niche audience targeting, facilitating advertiser prospecting, retargeting and conquesting strategies.

“ArcSpan AMS is purpose-built to play a pivotal role in helping publishers shift to first-party data-driven sales strategies. The launch of our Custom Content Taxonomies is another example of our ability to provide customized audience solutions for publishers looking to create unique and compelling offerings for advertisers.” said Garret Vreeland, co-founder and CCO.

“Custom Content Taxonomies marks a significant step forward in increasing the value and efficiency of activating distinct audience cohorts at scale for targeted advertising. We are excited to continue to advance ArcSpan’s commitment to innovation and industry leadership,” added Chris Guenther, COO.

ArcSpan’s collaborative approach to partnering with leading publishers further exemplifies its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower publishers in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.